Various Models and Badges
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HD Special HD Premier HD Special X2
HD Premier X2 HD Ute / Van HR Special
HR Premier HR Special X2 HR Premier X2
HR Special 186S HR Premier 186S HR Ute / Van
Displayed here is the badge sets for the various different models.
Have a look and see if all of yours are correct and fitted.
  • HD Models
    • Special
    • Premier
    • Special X2
    • Premier X2
    • Ute
  • HR Models
    • Special
    • Premier (Sedan Shown)
    • Special X2
    • Premier X2 (Wagon Shown)
    • Special 186S
    • Premier 186S (Wagon Shown)
    • Ute

While these shown here are all NOS items we can help you with most of these some as NOS and others in excellent second hand condition.

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